Imbube UK

Imbube UK

South African choir Imbube UK sing in different African languages, and offer a cappella, classic and traditional gospel songs. The Shetland Folk Festival is delighted to showcase their joyful sound at our 40th festival.

Imbube UK is a unique organisation formed of the most talented and professional Southern African artists and musicians based in the United Kingdom. As a sub-group of South African Choir UK, who toured as part of the Graceland Tour with Josh Turner last year, Imbube’s main aim is to promote African heritage and culture to all ages, and host or support a variety of activities and events that connect people. They also work hand in hand with different charity organisations for Children In Need in the UK, South Africa and the wider world. We are extrmely grateful to Loganair for their support in bringing Imbube UK to the Shetland Folk Festival for 3 days and nights!

Under the directorship of Luyanda Lennoz Jezile, a group of 6 musicians will perform at the Festival, sharing stunning and evocative harmonies as well as energetic Zulu dancing and drumming that brings excitement and tells a story.

Luyanda founded his choir back in 2012 and since then he has directed and performed with the choir and produced concerts around the UK and internationally. The choir took part in celebrations of the life of Nelson Mandela on BBC One and at the Houses of Parliament, and performed at the South African team match at the Rugby World Cup in London.   Luyanda was an original cast member of The Lion King in the West End, performing with them from 1999 – 2008 and he was also Musical Director for the London African Gospel Choir, which performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in Hyde Park in 2012, and at the Templeton Prize ceremony for Desmond Tutu in 2013. Imbube, under Luyanda’s direction, also were the creative force behind the mass performance group who welcomed Pope Francis to Croke Park in Dublin in August 2018, which featured hundreds of singers, dancers, drummers and musicians.

With Imbube, we are sure that their combination of colourful outfits and powerfully uplifting sounds are bound to make you smile!