Paper Wings

Paper Wings

Making their UK debut at the Shetland Folk Festival, American duo Paper Wings will captivate listeners with a sound that is delicate, powerful, and refreshingly intimate. The stunning vocal blend of Emily Mann and Wilhelmina Frankzerda soars over a rotating cast of banjo, guitar, and fiddles.

These two blossoming songwriters have a distinctive way of weaving traditional Appalachian music into their thoughtfully crafted songs leaving you feeling nostalgic and exhilarated. They are both exceptionally accomplished multi-instrumentalists who walk the line between vibrant originality and a deep care for traditional music and its history. Paper Wings released their self-titled debut album in 2017 and their second album, “Clementine” came out in May 2019.

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Wilhelmina Frankzerda, grew up in Oregon and is now based in Nashville. She was classically trained on the violin from age 4, and later became drawn to traditional styles of fiddling. In her early teens, she started writing songs and picked up the guitar. She has won the National Twin Fiddle Championship and has performed on the Grand Ol’ Opry and plays in the band of Joy Williams (formerly of four time Grammy Award winning folk, country and Americana duo, The Civil Wars).

Emily Mann is a California native with her heart in the music of the Appalachian mountains. She grew up immersing herself in a variety of traditional music styles at music camps and is a fluid and well-rounded musician as a result. While at home in many genres and traditions, her playing is strongly influenced by her time spent with old-time musicians and she is a current touring member of old-time string-band, The Crooked Jades.

Paper Wings is a genuine intertwining of two souls you won't find easy to forget.