Fiddlers' Bid

"Apo Fetlar Top"

The Lonely Heartstring Band

"The Road to Salvation"

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin

"The Ukranian Expedition"

Michelle Burke Band

"A Kiss in the Morning"


"Ivar The Boneless"

The Goodbye Girls

"Snowy Side of the Mountain"

The Chair

"Hup Set"

Mec Lir

"Boat in the Morning"

The Langan Band

"Pumpkin Pie"

The Lowest Pair

"The Sky is Green"

Trio Dhoore

"Maasland Jig"

New Road

"The Scolding Wife"

Scott Wood Band

"Spice of Life"

Veronica and the Red Wine Serenaders

"When the Music Sounds Good"

Dates for the 38th Shetland Folk Festival

Welcome to the Shetland Folk Festival

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The 38th Shetland Folk Festival will be held between 3rd - 6th May 2018 and as the UK's most northerly folk festival, it is regarded as a prestigious event for performers, locals and visitors alike.

Organised by a voluntary committee (and run by an even bigger pool of volunteers) the Festival prides itself in reaching out to even the most far flung areas of Shetland. Concerts are organised throughout the isles, consisting of some of the best International, British and Shetland music that the world has to offer. In fact, visiting artistes are regularly dumbfounded by the quantity and quality of local musicians that our remote isles have to offer.

"This Festival requires a Government Health Warning - Nobody sleeps"
Dick Gaughan, 1981
Vair-ly good session in the festival club... © Dale Smith
Vair-ly good session in the festival club... © Dale Smith

For SFFS members, there is a Festival Club in Shetland's capital, Lerwick, where you'll find formal and informal concerts, workshops, a real ale bar and fantastic "sessions" that continue into the wee hours of the morning. Yes it's true - you do have to sleep quickly to witness the Full Festival Experience!

The event culminates with the Foy concerts on the Sunday night, where audiences have an opportunity of seeing most visiting acts in one evening. Held over three venues, the acts are shuffled between halls by mini bus and perform in each hall for around 15 minutes. It's crazy but it works!

So, if you're tempted to make your way to the most far-flung folk festival in the UK, join us for the unofficial opening on 2nd May on an overnight ferry in the middle of the North Sea. An event in itself! Find information on how to travel to Shetland and how to purchase tickets.

Here's a little taster of whats in store .

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