Festival Club

To witness the full Shetland Folk Festival Experience, it is a good idea to have membership for the Shetland Folk Festival Society (SFFS). 

Dancing on the club stairs
Dancing on the club stairs

A perk of this is that only SFFS members are permitted access to the fantastic Festival Club and besides this, members purchase their concert tickets at a considerably reduced prices!   There is a whole range of daytime non-ticketed activities that happen within the Festival Club including all our workshops, album launches and both organised and spontaneous live music and sessions - so membership is definitely worthwhile.   There are some afternoon and evening ticketed concerts that are held within the Club but only SFFS members can buy tickets for these concerts. This is the only venue where it is necessary to be a member to buy particular concert tickets.   We also programme a range of late night activities within the Festival Club (after the hours of mainstream concerts) that are simply too good to be missed.  On Thursday and Sunday, you can access this late night programming with your membership wristband (numbers permitting).  However, on Friday and Saturday, members need to ensure that they have bought a guaranteed Club pass ticket to access the late night programmed activities.  These Friday and Saturday Club passes can ONLY be bought by SFFS members.  These will be priced at £5 per member per night and will go on sale at the same time as the concert tickets.

Where is the Festival Club?

The Festival Club is a hive of activity all weekend and situated in Islesburgh Community Centre, King Harald Street in the main town of Lerwick and is in a very central location. The Festival club is open throughout the day and late into the wee small hours throughout the festival and there is food on offer in the cafe located in Islesburgh daily and some late night scoff. And of course there is a well-stocked bar!

It's the place to be if you are interested in meeting and greeting Festival artistes, listening to sessions or participating in the various workshops on offer. The Club is where the free non-ticketed Thursday opening lunchtime concert is held - which gives a real taster of what's ahead - but can only be accessed by SFFS members on a first come first serve basis.

Entry to the Club will be restricted to 2021 wristband-wearing members during advertised opening hourse.  PLEASE NOTE - At certain peak times, the Festival Club may have restrictions on entry due to fire regulations. At these times, we ask you to form an orderly queue outside and you shall be permitted access once a sufficient number of people have left.   However, if you have purchased a guaranteed Club pass ticket that will be available on Friday and Saturday nights only, this will guarantee entry if used within the specified time allocation.   More detail on this on the memberships tab of this website.

Entry to the Club

  1. Entry to the Club is restricted to current wristband wearing members only.
  2. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Under 14s are not permitted in the Festival Club after 1am.
  3. Please note that all of our Club bar staff and stewards are volunteers so please give them the respect they deserve, no matter how long the queues are!


A session in the club
A session in the club

Sessions are part of the festival, with local and visiting artistes getting together to play a tune. Visitors to the festival are actively encouraged to take part in the sessions. Please don't be shy! There are four main rooms in the Club, three with pianos, plus the main concert venue (when concerts/sound checks are not being held). There are also numerous staircases, hallways and cupboards available for tunes if you so fancy!