SFFS Membership

Festival Membership isn't required, but it certainly helps to make the most of the weekend!

Membership Price

Festival Membership for 2022 is priced at :

  • £15 for an adult
  • £7 for a child (under 18 on the first day of the festival)
  • £30 for a group/family (consisting of two adults and 2 under-18s)

As is the policy with tickets, children under the age of 2 on the first day of the Festival do not require a membership as long as they are not occupying a seat at any of the ticketed events.

2022 SFFS Membership is required for access to the Festival Club. This year the Festival Club will be open for 3 days from Friday 29th April and daytime only.  We will be following Scottish Government Covid19 guidance on protective measures required for cultural performances and the events sector.  Click here to see our position on Covid Measures and Mitigations.

What does Membership entitle you to?

Membership is excellent value for money but there are a few changes this year.

As always, membership will make your concert tickets considerably cheaper and early membership (purchased before 23.59 on 28th February) will entitle you to early booking of concert tickets. Early members will have access to ticket booking one week before concerts are on sale to anyone else and this year, this will also include access to tickets for late night festival programming.

Membership will also provide you with access to a range of fantastic daytime events in the Festival Club at Islesburgh Community Centre.

In 2022, we will have a packed programme of activity in the Festival Club on Friday 29th April, Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, predominantly operating on the middle floor of Islesburgh Community Centre, open between 11am and 6.30pm each day.

We will host daytime workshops, album launches and programmed live music in the Festival Club AND we will be actively encouraging session during the day, as we know that this is such an important part of the Festival for many.  We will have resident Club musicians in the form of Ross Couper, Kevin Henderson and Hamish Napier whose role will be to help keep these sessions going and we will be inviting many of our up and coming (and established) musicians to collaborate in sessions once more - all members will be welcome to join in.  We will still have access to all the session rooms on the middle floor (and staircases!!) and as always, we'll make sure the pianos are tuned and ready.

Changes to membership entitlement in 2022

Prior to the 2020 Festival, we had already agreed on introducing some changes to what Festival membership entitles you to and in particular, had decided to ticket late night Festival Club attendance on Friday and Saturday.

For the 2022 Festival, the Committee have agreed to make some additional changes to the Festival Club. These adaptations have been agreed in order to help us deliver a safer event, as our community continues to re-emerge from the pandemic. The main change is that the Festival Club will only be open from Friday 29th April and the opening hours will be 11am-6.30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be NO Late night programming in the Festival Club in 2022 and there will be no Festival Club on the opening day of the Festival, Thursday 28th – including no free daytime opening concert.

However, members will continue to have access to excellent daytime programming Friday to Sunday. This will be significantly enhanced in 2022 in lieu of the lack of late night programming - which we absolutely understand has been a perk in previous years. We will be actively working to create that sense of surprise, spontaneity and a great session atmosphere to daytime programming and activity instead.

For those who normally love the late night Club element to the Festival, fear not!! We are introducing a new late night venue at the Lerwick British Legion - but this will be ticketed in the same way as our other concerts. We will have 2 ticketed late night events on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th - both featuring bands that festival attendees will love to dance to. These LATE events will be ticketed and early members will get priority booking of these tickets. 

All Festival events and the Festival club will follow the most up to date Scottish government guidance on measures required for the events sector and we will work closely will all our venues and stakeholders to ensure that these are implemented.  Click here to see our position on Covid Measures and Mitigations.

One final change is related to the travel discount for SFFS members. Regrettably, NorthLink Ferries are not able to offer any discount to SFFS members in 2022. We continue to be grateful to NorthLink Ferries for their contribution towards core costs of the Festival.

Membership Sales

Membership sales for the 2022 Festival are now closed for this year. Thanks to everyone for their support! 

There are still tickets available to some concerts. Please see the 'Concerts' section of the website for information. Tickets can be purchased at the Festival Shop during club opening hours.

Early SFFS Membership is available to purchase online from midnight on February 18th February until the end of February (28th at 23.59).

Many people who purchased membership for the 2020 Festival still have a valid membership and they will be emailed a reminder of whether memberships were retained, refunded or donated back in 2020.

Online membership sales will then reopen on Monday 28th March, and close at 3pm on Tuesday 26th April 2022.

You can pay online using a PayPal account, or by using a Credit/Debit card. You will be emailed a receipt of your purchase, so please make sure you enter your email address correctly.


Ticket Sales to Early Members

Early members will be able to order their tickets from 6pm (UK time) on 23rd March (one week before going on sale to the general public). Only early members will be able to book tickets from this date. If you miss the February deadline for purchasing early membership, membership sales re-open on Monday 28th March 2022 at 5.30pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Concert tickets are always in high demand and so early membership is becoming increasingly popular. We do have slightly reduced overall ticket capacity this year and all tickets will be sold on a strictly first come first served basis. Due to high demand, even some early members will not be able to purchase tickets originally hoped for.

Each SFFS Member may only purchase one membership priced afternoon concert ticket and one membership priced evening concert ticket per festival day (plus one late night Legion ticket per member on Friday and Saturday)

Membership Receipts

In the past, membership receipts were sent to all members in the post. The email notification of membership numbers is now all that customers will receive. You must retain this email, as you will need the information when ordering tickets online and when collecting your membership wristband at the Festival Club once the Festival commences.

Notes on PayPal Checkout

A number of our members contacted us this year to let us know that they couldn't pay for their membership by credit/debit card on PayPal. We got in touch with PayPal who have given the following guidance:

  • There is a limit to how many times a customer can pay as a guest before the system will prompt the customer to create an account
  • If PayPal associates the user's computer with an existing PayPal account, it will prompt for this to be used instead of the Guest checkout option
  • Non-UK customers are not eligible to use the Guest checkout option

What this all means is that it is no longer guaranteed that you will get the Guest checkout option on PayPal. This is a change to previous years, and we'll be looking to move to another payment processor in the future as we know this is an inconvenience to our members. However, we're not in a position to change this at the moment, so all members should be prepared to create a PayPal Account.


Memberships issued by the Shetland Folk Festival Society are non-transferable and non-refundable.