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Shetland Folk Festival 2011

IT’S long been customary at folk gigs for the performers, approaching the end of their set, to thank those involved in staging the event – organisers, sound engineers, venue staff and so on. Perhaps only at the Shetland Folk Festival, though, will you hear gratitude particularly expressed to “the ladies who made the fish pie for our dinner”: the speaker being Irish banjo ace Gerry O’Connor, thanking those stalwarts of the local hall committee in Cunningsburgh, ten miles south of Lerwick, which hosted one of seven concerts on this year’s opening night.


Shetland Folk Festival places an island in the sun

Fabulously idiosyncratic, the Shetland Folk Festival again proved a showcase of Scottish island culture befitting its perfect setting; even the weather played its part.


Review: an astounding start to folk festival 2011

An astounding start to the Shetland Folk Festival 2011 – that’s the simple resumé from the Cunningsburgh Hall last night. The line up was eclectic with participants from Poland, Louisiana, Ireland and Shetland via Bute.