Still Game

Still Game

The band members of Still Game have a wealth of traditional music experience: All the band members are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists who have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of developing new sets and sounds in this set-up.

The band members are:

Dave Pepper: Ran Britain’s most northerly Da Shaela Folk Club and regularly performed in other European clubs and festivals. Helped establish the Shetland Folk Festival and was a Committee member from 1980 until 1989. He’s played with numerous Ceilidh Bands and Folk Song groups over the past 45 years. Since returning to Shetland in 2012 has pulled together this group of friends. Dave (a founder member of Trigbag) plays guitar and sings.

Steve Davidson: BBC Radio Shetland folk music presenter, Steve principally plays guitar, melodeon, Northumbrian small pipes, Hurdy Gurdy and Cittern. He ran the Lerwick Folk Club and was responsible for bringing many artists to Shetland. He has played at a number of European Festivals and was in Trigbag and The Shining Pool”.

Bernadette Porter: Recently retired Shetland Fiddle tutor. She regularly runs fiddle workshops at festivals. Co-founder of the Northmavine Fiddle and Accordion Club. Responsible for developing many of the current talented Shetland fiddle players around, she was a founder member of Trigbag and Square Da Mizzen.

Jim Leask: One of the finest Shetland fiddle players. Jim is a master of harmony playing who brings a unique style to our sound. He has led the "Marlex Sessions" for a number of years. Many of the local groups play his set arrangements and think of them as "traditional". Jim was a founder member of Trigbag and Square Da Mizzen.

Neill Hall: Sings and plays Octave mandolin in the group which brings a new dimension to the sound. He’s a talented song writer as well as guitarist and fiddler. Neill has played and toured for many years with the Shetland Fiddlers and was a founder member of Square Da Mizzen.

In their various guises and former groups (Trigbag, The Shining Pool, Square Da Mizzen, etc) the band members are well known to Shetland audiences. In the past few months, this band has played at the Accordion & Fiddle Festival, the Lerwick Winter Festival and several other venues. A CD is currently being recorded for launch in the first half of 2014.