Trookers are a guitar-based melodic pop foursome from Shetland.

Robert Balfour and Chris Thomson sat down at the tail-end of 2012 to write some songs together in their living rooms. After penning nearly an album's worth of material over many teas, coffees, tins, and even gins, they started performing at the local singer/songwriter night in Mareel.

Several public performances followed in 2013, including a spot at Glusstonberry, and a well-received opening slot at the Lerwick music festival "Oxjam" was a particular highlight for the quirky duo.

After recording a demo of one of their songs, "Birds" in the summer of 2014, and after nearly two years as a dyad, in the early of Autumn 2014, Chris Cope (Bass) and Erik Peterson (Drums) were added to the lineup, and Trookers had their debut as a foursome at the Oxjam Takeover event in the Lerwick Boating Club.

Their music gathered some warm reviews from critics throughout the past couple of years, and the foursome are looking forward to recording and releasing an album in the next year, bringing their 'making the easy way look awkward' blend of warm pop glazed with charm to snuggled listeners here in Shetland and beyond its shores.