Shetland Fiddler's Society

Shetland Fiddler's Society

Shetland Fiddlers’ Society are not only the oldest performer in the Festival, they are one of the handful of the still-active participants from the first festival in 1981.

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2010, the group was originally conceived by the late Dr Tom Anderson to perform at the Shetland Hamefarin’ in 1960 (where ex pats return en-mass to their homeland). Tom’s aim was to bring together local fiddlers who were still performing in the “true” Shetland style. At the time, the style was perceived to be under threat due to increasing popularity of Scottish dance tunes but also the fact that no musical vehicle then existed to bring musicians of this kind together – to exchange ideas, support and maintaim their own heritage.

Back then they were know as the “Forty Fiddlers” (because there werer around 40 musicians in the group). Such was the impact of their performance at the “hamefarin” and other local concerts, the group have stayed together in this format over the years.

Since then the group have continued to uphold Shetland’s fiddle tradition in its purest format, encouraging traditional music making and participation for young and old alike, acting as the springboard for a number of great fiddle players and groups in their own right.  The society adheres faithfully to the melodies and playing style that make the traditional Shetland fiddle music unique and distinct.

The Society has been collaborating in the past with Shetland Folk Dance group of which shares similary traditional philosophy. In October 2014, the 9th CD  “Da Reel Thing” released featuring Shetland Folk Dance as guest artistes with their dance steps and spirit.

After a successful trip to John O’Groats in October 2015, the Society have been invited on a regular return visit in October 2016.