The Shetland Mandolin Band

The Shetland Mandolin Band

The Shetland Mandolin Band first got together for an informal session in November 2015 and such has been the success that the group has met fortnightly since then, with between 20 and 30 players regularly turning up at the Gulberwick Hall for tunes.

The band is open to all players, of any ability, with one purpose being to provide a setting where the ever-increasing number of mandolin students being taught by Jenny Henry at the High Level Music Centre in Lerwick can learn even more from playing alongside the likes of Gary Peterson (Hom Bru), Trevor Jamieson (North Ness Boys/Corbies), Christine Hughson (Husquoy Collection) and other very experienced mandolinists.

Many in the group are accomplished musicians who have mandolin as a second (or even third) instrument, while others have emerged after years of playing ‘in da hoose’ to come along and enjoy tunes, usually accompanied by May Gair on double bass and a guitarist or two.

The band has been practising hard for its first-ever public performance at this year’s Shetland Folk Festival and promise to deliver something a bit different to what’s been seen before in Shetland – and not a fiddle in sight!

(New members are always welcome at the band sessions. Anyone who would like more info can contact Jenny Henry at [email protected] or search for Shetland Mandolin Band’s group page on Facebook.)