Boasting some of Shetland's finest folk musicians, Haltadans came together in 2012 to give a new lease of life to long-forgotten tunes from the archives of the Shetland Fiddle tradition and they are now one of Shetland's most profiled, popular and in demand bands.

The Haltadans is an ancient stone circle on the Island of Fetlar where the Trows are known to gather. The two stones in the middle of the circle are said to be a fiddler and his wife who were turned to stone as the Trows danced around them, struck by the first rays of the sun.

This is where the band name comes from and Maurice Henderson on fiddle, an already well known Shetland musician, is flanked by demon fiddlers, Lois Nicol and Ewen Thomson . Grant Nicol’s clever use of chords drives the tunes forward with John Clark binding the whole sound together with his solid fretless bass playing.

Whilst mindful of their traditional roots, they approach music old and new in a fresh, yet sensitive manner.  Layered and intricate harmonies and arrangements sit alongside fired-up dance tunes and fresh new compositions to form a stylish and entertaining performance.  

Haltadans have enthralled audiences in Shetland and beyond having successful toured in Denmark and playing the Halkaer Kro Festival in 2016.

Haltadans recently released a new album called ‘Light Ida Lum’ which has had a great response, watch out for those on sale at their concerts.