Claire White & Robbie Leask

Claire White & Robbie Leask

The duo of Claire White and Robbie Leask featuring vocals, fiddle and guitar with an emphasis on the ‘She’ in Shetland.

Claire White is an award winning Shetland sing-songwriter and fiddler who has been playing the fiddle for over 3 decades and writing songs over the past 8 years.With her latest album release 'Lasses Trust in Providence', Claire focuses on women's tales which illuminate the "She" in Shetland, featuring a collection of songs exploring ninth to twenty-first century women’s tales of witchcraft, exploration, motherhood, friendship, creativity, courage and survival.   

Having spent a significant amount of time researching the tales that led to these songs, we have invited Claire to lead on an evening titled "Stories behind the Music" which, amongst many other things, will allow Claire to fully elaborate on all the fascinating stories behind her album.

Claire originally learned music from the late, great Dr Tom Anderson and has been performing and teaching internationally for twenty-five years. She has previously played in Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sardinia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, Ireland and the UK. 

She will be accompanied by Robbie Leask who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Lerwick. He was fiddler in Aberdeen-based ceilidh band, Hogtie, for a number of years and is currently guitarist in the Corran Raa quartet.