A peerie note fae Da Committee...

Davie HendersonOn Saturday 1st February 2014, the Shetland Folk Festival Committee, the whole community of Shetland and many friends and family from near and far will say goodbye to Davie Henderson who has served on our committee for nearly 25 years. As the programmer of the Festival’s visiting artistes (and much much more besides), he has secured our Shetland audiences many fantastic and innovative line-ups through the years. The 34th Festival is no exception, which we will release on our website next week.

Davie was the ultimate ambassador for the Festival and the Shetland music scene more generally. He attended Festivals all over the world, making many friends along the way (and some foes too … primarily representatives of airlines who may had contributed to his disrupted travel plans!)

We will miss everything about Davie - his infectious grin, his laugh, his supportive pats on the shoulder but most importantly his devotion to the Folk Festival family and our 100 per cent volunteer driven event.

Our immediate thoughts are with his bairns - Kevin, Michelle, Steven and their families - as well as his partner Janice, Emma and Stephen.

Miss dee pal and thank you so much for your massive part in what the Festival is today.

Christine, David N, Mhari, Diane, David K, Christine-Bob, Louise, Lisa and Ruairidh xx