Early Members' Ticket Sales - 2015

Online ticket sales for the 35th Shetland Folk Festival will open to early members on Tuesday 17th March at 6pm, and will be open until 4pm on Wednesday 29th April.

Early members have the opportunity to order their tickets before they go on sale to the general public in April, but please note that we do expect some concerts to be in high demand and many concerts will sell out very quickly.

Membership Numbers

To purchase members' tickets, you will need to enter their membership number(s). If you did not receive a membership number email from us after completing membership payment, please use our Membership Reminder Form. If you still haven't received your email, it is essential that you check your spam folder prior to contacting us.

Purchase Link

When online ticket sales go live on Tuesday 17th March at 6pm, you will be able to access the form at https://www.shetlandfolkfestival.com/tickets/buy


  • Each member may only purchase one afternoon concert ticket and one eveningconcert ticket per festival day
  • At least one child concession must be added to an order for a family concert
  • Concession price tickets are available to seniors (over 60s)childrenstudents and those in receipt of means-tested benefits. Please note that any holders of concessionary tickets may be asked to provide proof of eligibility at the door of the venue.
  • Tickets are sold on a strictly first come first serve basis.


  • Have your membership numbers ready!
  • Once a member has been checked, you can quickly autofill their details by clicking on their name when it appears.
  • Some concerts will sell out very quickly. Prioritise the tickets you wish to purchase, and make separate orders if necessary.
  • Once you have clicked the "Buy Now" button and have been taken to PayPal to make your payment, do not click the back button. The details you entered previously will no longer be populating the order form.
  • Once you have clicked the "Buy Now" button, your tickets will be in the system, although won't be confirmed until after payment has been made. If your payment fails, or you decide to cancel, you will be unable to re-purchase those same tickets for 30 minutes. This is to prevent overselling, so make sure you check your selected tickets carefully, and complete your purchase at the PayPal stage.
  • Server issues. Last year we had a server crash. We've made significant improvements to our system since then that should prevent this happening again, however, if it does, don't panic! if it is down for you, it is down for everyone. Try refreshing the page every minute or so until we're back.