Local Artiste Applications Open - November 2014

How exciting, it's that time of year again and we here at the Shetland Folk Festival are looking for the Local Shetland based groups interested in playing at the forthcoming 35th !! festival in 2015.

The dates for the diary are 30th April - 3rd May 2015. For a copy of our general application letter for Local Artists at the Shetland Folk Festival this year contact : local_artists@shetlandfolkfestival.com. 

Contact details for all artists are on https://www.shetlandfolkfestival.com/contact .

If your band wishes to perform can you fill this in for us and get it back by the 31st December. We will be open to new applications from bands/groups who have not performed before, or have reformed also. Please bear in mind that we can't guarantee that all groups will be selected as we do have many applications but all applications are considered before the whole committee.

Thanks for your support and time, we look forward to hearing from you,

Da committee. x