Ticket Sales to Reopen

Apologies again for having to suspend ticket sales while we tried to figure out what's been going on with our established ticketing system and the server it is hosted on. Our technical team have been extremely busy exploring and implementing changes, including moving to a different server.

So hopefully we are good to go for putting tickets on sale again at 6pm tonight.  

As a precaution, we will implement a queue system again tonight from 6pm (UK time) with a pre-queue at 5.45pm. At 6pm, people will be randomly positioned in the main queue. Some people might get a wait time of up to 60 minutes but please be reassured that this is a result of us trying to control numbers on the site at one time. Thank you in advance for your patience!

We have good availability across the board but PLEASE NOTE that early members did snap up and sell out the following events - Voe, Friday Mareel, Friday Club Lates, Saturday Club Lates, Saturday Legion Lates and Mareel Foy. Please don't queue if you're after these events - you will definitely be disappointed.

Warning - Some of our other concerts are also getting to the stage of having low availability (a couple with less than 10 percent of ticket allocation left) so if anything sells out during the queue window time then we will post updates on social media.

Social media is our main mode of communicating messages to you when we have a queue system in place - so it’s worth keeping an eye on there for any news or updates (Facebook and Twitter in particular).