2013 - 33rd Shetland Folk Festival

The 33rd Shetland Folk Festival was a very memorable festival for many reasons.

We had some amazing bands. We had a strong contingency from across the pond, strengthening our bond with Cape Breton again with April Verch, Old Man Luedecke and Coig. We had latin dancing late late into the night with the rhythms of Son Yambu. We had our unforgettable 'Boy band' from Tiree in the shape of Skerryvore.

We had some great moments from our Local bands too including the fantastic Isles Gathering combining the cream of Orkney and Shetland talent. And who could forget the outstanding highlight of the festival and the phenomenon that was Steven Robertson and his overnight youtube success of his rendition of " We no spik no Whalsa" at the Shetland Dialect concert.  Check out the clip in the video gallery. You may need an interpreter!

We also had some behind the scenes excitement when our very own committee member Mhari Pottinger's baby decided to make an appearance as the Saturday night Clickimin concert started. Hamish McLeman was born in the wee small hours of Sunday 5th May.

Have a look back here at our archive of memories from 2013.....enjoy.

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